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Our company focuses on production of aircraft components contained in air, fuel and hydraulic systems of aircrafts Aero L-29, Aero L-39, Aero L-159 and L-410. In addition, we have also participated on prototypes of aircrafts Aero Ae 270 and L-610.
The most relevant components currently produced and overhauled are components for aircrafts Aero L-39 and L-410.
Below you may find brief lists of components manufactured by our company:


Technometra has historically manufactured gearboxes for Czech trucks Avia, Tatra, Liaz and Praga.
Sadly, these companies generally do not produce any new vehicles these days. However, our capabilities to produce gearboxes remain preserved and we currently supply smaller series of gearboxes to our foreign customers.


Our company has extensive experience with production of hydraulic check valves, filters and filter elements and indicators of pollution. Below you may find a complete list of our product types with their relevant numbering.


Apart from our main production lines the company also offers custom made production according to individual wishes and requirements of our customers.
Our technical department closely cooperates with our customers in the process of realization of their conceptions, proposes new procedures and innovative solutions with the goal to make the final production more effective.
Lately, we have also begun to focus on production of small automotive parts, especially parts for exhaust systems, which we produce in large series for foreign automotive producers.