Technometra Český Brod a.s.
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Welcome to our webpage

Welcome to the webpage of company Technometra Český Brod.
Our company, in a wide range of historical forms, is on the market already over 100 years and the name “Technometra” has its roots in year 1950. In current days, the company focuses on production of aircraft equipment, gearboxes, hydraulic equipment and filters, small parts for automotive industry and also custom-made products based on individual wishes of our customers.

In our manufacturing site in city of Český Brod we currently employ over 110 employees and we are still looking for suitable candidates for a variety of vacant job openings. Recently, the company has grown approximately per 10% every calendar year and we plan to expand further, particularly on foreign markers. We also focus on research and development of new products in our main areas of interest.

We believe that you will find all the necessary information about our company on this webpage. In case you may be interested in any form of cooperation with our company, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.